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[yuletide] [Jan. 1st, 2015|01:19 am]
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Happy New Year! The London fireworks opened this year with a line from Sweeney Todd, "There's no place like London!", luckily leaving out the other part of the song where London is a hole in the world inhabited by immoral vermin. Good choice there.

Written for me:

How To Get An A In Murder Class, In Five Easy Steps She looks like she's committed murder herself. She looks like she's committed the biggest regret of her life. Wes can't help but try to take advantage. (How to Get Away with Murder; Annalise Keating/Wes Gibbons; 1624 words) by finch

Written by me:

Mountain Will comes to Wales for New Year's. (Dark is Rising; Will/Bran; 1000 words)

Weltanschauung "I suppose you better come in then," Will said and stepped back to let the tree past. (Dark is Rising; Will, Bran, Jane, Barney, Simon; 4170 words)

Tomorrow and Tomorrow "So," Will says at last. "Same time next year?" (Dark is Rising; Will/Barney, Will/Bran/Jane; 6459 words)

I actually started writing the last one first, and then it looked like it was going to be huge and I was having trouble finding a way into it, so I wrote Mountain instead, and then I tried to write Tomorrow some more, and then it was almost the deadline and I had completely failed at that, and Mountain didn't technically fulfil my assignment (no Jane), even if it did match the request, so I wrote Weltanschauung instead, which is kind of basically the same fic but not really? And actually that one gained a thousand plus words after posting, because it originally ended with them sitting down to dinner (which is where the scene would have ended if it had been in Tomorrow) and then I decided that kind of made the whole thing a bit pointless. And then I rewrote Tomorrow over and over again until finally I was, like, fuck it, POST. So I apologise for the way it has no consistent POV or a proper structure that makes the swapping POV bits make sense, because it at least says what I wanted it to. Also I meant to change the title of Weltanschauung before the archive opened because, except for a couple of lines by Jane that survived from the first draft, I didn't think it fits, although now, thinking about it, it still kind of does if you consider the story a clash between Will's world-view and that of the rest of his friends/family/possible lovers, it is a bit vague at the end there.

And that was yuletide, which is apparently the only time I post to this journal any more. Um. Hi?

Also: I've just noticed that that's the only Annalise/Wes fic on AO3. You disappoint me, fandom.
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[yuletide-redux] [May. 17th, 2014|08:07 pm]
A whole bunch of old Yuletide fics got moved to AO3, so, to recap:

- Worlds Enough And Time http://archiveofourown.org/works/1641914 (Smallville, Angel: the Series)
- Stupid Bloody Tuesday http://archiveofourown.org/works/1641701 (Doom Patrol)

A year for pretentious and terrible fic, I see!

- Kifu http://archiveofourown.org/works/1629530 (Hikaru no Go)

Meh. The twinned structure doesn't really work, especially with the inconsistent time direction.

- The Phantom's Menace http://archiveofourown.org/works/1630241 (Sandman (Comics))

I actually like that one!

- After The Assignment, Us http://archiveofourown.org/works/1630838 (Sapphire and Steel)
- Entitled http://archiveofourown.org/works/1639271 (Sapphire and Steel)

I like Entitled less than I did when I wrote it, but it's still okay, even for second person POV.

- Love Story http://archiveofourown.org/works/1624769 (Artemis Fowl - Eoin Colfer)
- Prodigy http://archiveofourown.org/works/1634381 (New X-Men: Academy X)

"And then they done sex."

- still crazy after all these years http://archiveofourown.org/works/1632884 (Spider-Man (Comicverse))
- For Love or Money http://archiveofourown.org/works/1632566 (Spider-Man (Movies - Raimi))
- ab initio http://archiveofourown.org/works/1626794 (The Spectacular Spider-Man (Cartoon))
- That Time In The Place With The Thing http://archiveofourown.org/works/1636655 (Avengers (Comics))

Man, I can't write Peter Parker. "That Time In The Place With The Thing" is still pretty good despite that, although some of those script pages would be seriously hard to actually fit in a single comic page. Also, that was jossed between me writing it and yuletide going live that year. Damn you, Bendis!

Yuletide's 2009-2013 are also up on AO3. Ten years of fic. I am so old. :(
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[yuletide] [Jan. 1st, 2014|04:04 pm]
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Happy New Year!

Written for me:

Excerpts from Abigail Kamara's Notebook Abigail Kamara's words written down by the author of this story. (Rivers of London; Abigail; 1213 words) by Cedara

The Abigail Kamara Approach to Policework & Magic Real magic is not cool; it’s a pain in the arse. Not to mention bloody hard to learn. And you’ll be stuck learning it from guys who’d pretend they’re walking encyclopedias of magic when the truth is they’ve been mostly bumbling along, because they’re unaware of the many, many ways they are wrong. Seriously, I’m talking from experience here. (Rivers of London; Abigail, Peter; 1482 words) by moriann

Written by me:

Ce Sera Serra Scorn, friendship, and the true meaning of heart. (Awoken; Scarlett, Chloe, Andi, Bridget; 7497 words; 12+)

Morning Stories Beneath the surface of the Morning Glory Academy, lust stirs... (Morning Glories; Hunter, Hisao, Ike; 1190 words; 18+)
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[yuletide] [Jan. 2nd, 2013|11:28 am]
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Written for me:

Five Must-Dos For When Your Best Friend is a Superhero A quick guide by Ganke (Ultimate Spider-Man; Ganke, Miles; 2523 words) by tanyart

Written by me:

tuesday, when the snow clears Jane thinks that Guinevere too must have watched like this, peering in trepidation from the marble battlements after Arthur. (Dark is Rising; Jane; 1000 words)

The Last Magic Jane grows up. (Dark is Rising; Jane, Barney; 7764 words)
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Telling Tales - 1/2 (HP; Natalie Dennis Blaise; ~14K words; G) [Jan. 22nd, 2012|03:35 pm]
Summary: Natalie, Dennis and Blaise each tell a tale about witches, pirates and love to Blaise's ill son. Would have been for witchesbigbang, title by kittydesade; split in two due to post length restrictions.

[ Part One | Part Two | Read on DW ]

Telling Tales - 1/2 (HP; Natalie Dennis Blaise; ~14K words; G)Collapse )

[ Part One | Part Two | Read on DW ]
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Telling Tales - 2/2 (HP; Natalie Dennis Blaise; ~14K words; G) [Jan. 22nd, 2012|03:34 pm]
[Tags|, ]

[ Part One | Part Two | Read on DW ]

Telling Tales - 2/2 (HP; Natalie Dennis Blaise; ~14K words; G)Collapse )

[ Part One | Part Two | Read on DW ]
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[yuletide] [Jan. 1st, 2012|02:14 pm]
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Written for me: Queens of the Marsh (Sarah Jane Adventures, gen, 3111 words) by jadelennox in which Rani has a science project.

Written by me: One Step (In Front of Another) (Alex Rider, gen, 4295 words, 12+) in which Alex finds some things are hard to leave behind.
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[remix] [May. 8th, 2011|06:39 pm]
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Written for me: We Are Six -- in Space (The Department Six Remix) by hhertzof.

Written by me: Royal, Flush (The High Stakes Hold-Em Treatment) for biichan.

What I really wanted to write was a remix of "The Rite of Patroklos" based on the idea that while Achilles giving his armour to Patroclus does lead to a great victory, it also directly leads to Patroclus's death (and thus to Achilles own downfall). It was going to involve Dumbledore and Grindelwald, and Alastor Moody's in-story-unnamed-partner was going to be Xenophilius Lovegood, and it was going to be about how the rite works, but it also fucks you over (Dumbledore has to defeat Grindelwald, dies on the tower, Moody loses bits of himself, dies being Harry), and end with the (ambiguous) implication that Harry would end up (no pun intended) getting screwed by the whole thing even if he won. There would have been references to Alexander the Great and Hephaestion, and I was trying to work in Rowena Ravenclaw and (possibly) Helga Hufflepuff (with the implication that Helena's death at the hands of the Baron was the pay off of her mother's protection/curse), and arranging it so that the scroll passes from one to the other, and the age of seventeen would have been numerically significant (Crowley's 11th degree + the six points of the unicursal hexagram (to which Crowly adds the five petalled rose, giving you 11 again)) and it would all have been very structurally clever, only I couldn't get it to work even slightly.

And so you get Liz X/Ace and, um, a perfect example of why you shouldn't write something where (a) you don't use names and (b) the only characters in a scene share the same pronouns, oops. /slinks away
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(no subject) [Mar. 4th, 2011|10:46 pm]

Draco stares at you blankly as you flail at him with your wand
instead of using it to curse him, like a sensible wizard would.

(with wand)

Draco is rescued by a passing Potter.  You are not.

You have died.  RESTORE, RESTART or QUIT?

I have this weird urge to write an interactive fiction game. This is, of course, insane.
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Motto (HP; Albus Severus, Fred II; 1000 words, G) [Feb. 28th, 2011|09:03 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Summary: Albus mopes, Fred doesn't. For picfor1000.

Motto (HP; Albus Severus, Fred II; 1000 words, G)Collapse )
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